"It's not where you take things from–it's where you take them to."

- Jean-Luc Godard

Like most creatives, I try to surround myself with inspiration. I wasn’t always a designer, though. I actually have a degree in Psychology. While the two fields aren’t mutually exclusive, my degree helps me better understand how people think. More importantly, I like working with and helping others. I bring this insight to my design.

I'm a little eccentric and  believe tangents make conversation interesting. I live for horror movies and Halloween, but also have a strange obsession with fairy tales and urban legends. I'm equal parts gamer, geek, and psychologist, with a dash of grammar Nazi tossed in for good measure. So, yeah, not only will I catch your misuse of there, their, and they’re, I’m totally going to judge you for it. I’m madly in love with InDesign and my MacBook Pro, but I’m versatile enough to use a Windows machine. I’m prone to rambling, and just realized I’m using “I’m” a lot. If you’re still reading and interested, e-mail or call me.

Thanks for looking at my work.

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